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Our sustainability concept

Sustainability is becoming more and more important – for consumers and producers. Both in society and on the corporate side, the protection of the environment and ecologically responsible action are becoming the focus. But the focus of attention is often the origin of the raw materials and their further processing into the product.

But if you want to run a sustainable company, you have to do a lot more. That is why we do not make any compromises: From the web host, through packaging and delivery, production in Germany to the warehouse, all steps of e-commerce are ecologically thought out. Because our claim does not stop with the product, but encompasses the entire company structure and also includes small details.

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Certified, vegan materials and "Made in Germany"

Our intention from the beginning was: We don’t just want to pay attention to sustainability with our products! But it starts with the products. All fabrics and other ingredients, such as yarn, are OEKO-Tex certified and come from Europe, which significantly reduces our carbon footprint. They are 100% vegan and therefore chakrana is even official PETA Approved . You can find all information about our certificates here !

We attach great importance to keeping transport routes as short as possible “Made in Germany” . Each of our models is made in a small, traditional Manufactory in Saxony produced. Manufacturing in Germany enables us to keep our inventory extremely low and avoid overproduction. Thousands of tons of clothing just end up in the trash every year. We want to put an end to this cycle!

The high quality of our clothing also ensures that buyers can enjoy every single item for years to come. Fast fashion and short-lived parts are a thing of the past with us. In addition to this ecologically important aspect, fair working conditions are guaranteed, local skilled workers are retained and craft know-how is preserved in Germany.

The two heart pieces of our collection, the Shakti leggings and the Sundari bustier , are made from polyamide that has been recycled from industrial waste. Other models, such as the Tara trousers , the Shirt Bagala or the Overall Saraswati , are largely made up Ecovero viscose the end FSC certified Made of wood. We also focus on sustainability when it comes to the finish: for the material the trousers are made of Lakshmi , the jumpsuit Mahavidya or the shirts Matangi and Kamala For example, we use an antimicrobial finish made from the natural active ingredients of the coconut shell.

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Sustainable viscose

GOTS-certified warehouse, environmentally friendly returns and climate-neutral shipping

The Company WKS textile is responsible for shipping, logistics and returns processing from chakrana and is GOTS certified . This ensures that clothing that is returned by the buyer is processed in an environmentally friendly manner and is not disposed of. It was very important for us to develop a good and sustainable solution for the returned models. Our warehouse dispenses with harmful and toxic chemicals that pollute the groundwater and guarantees that all returns are treated with respect and are then offered for sale again. The emission-offsetting shipping via DHL GoGreen it also reduces the CO² footprint of goods.

Plastic-free packaging

Most of the clothes in e-commerce are individually packed in plastic bags, which can then be disposed of and in most cases not recycled – an enormous burden on our environment. All packaging from chakrana is therefore free of plastic. In order to protect the environment, we have opted for non-toxic, compostable films made from a special alcohol polymer. Its special feature: it dissolves completely in water within seconds.

All products are sent exclusively in paper mailers made from recycled and recycled paper FSC certified Made of paper. They are also resealable so that they can be used again for returns. We have thought our concept through from start to finish: Even the host on which the company’s website is located is climate-positive. You can find more information about our packaging here!

Loving details made from grass and agricultural paper

For us it was particularly important to think through small things that seem unimportant at first glance and to use sustainable solutions for the details. For example, even our woven labels for clothing are from Germany and are made of organic cotton. The postcards and brochures that we enclose with every order are made of grass paper from local meadows, which causes 50% less CO². And our hangtags are also made from agricultural paper based on agricultural waste.

In the fashion industry, many processes remain hidden. We want to shed light on the background of the fashion industry and online trade, convey an awareness of sustainability to our buyers and inspire them to find new, innovative solutions!